Saturday, November 7, 2009

Overdoze Recordings - Sampler EP


This is the exclusive 10 track sampler ep direct from the Green Vaults. Designed as a preview to the upcoming colloboration project between Overdoze Recordings Artists: "Doze Fredericks" & "Scripto Mysterious". The Duo takes you along in an excursion of various beat making techniques and multiple genre flipping patterns complete with a continuous switching of dark underground and smoke type vibes. It's Just another addition to what you already expect to hear and see from those gasmasked entities at Overdoze Recordings. Dont forget your swishers for this one !

Download Here


These beat-tapes are among some of the first to be droped publicly by the Overdoze Duo . They were out for a limited time, but we have now decided to throw them on the blog for our newer bluntheads. These were originally intended as a tribute to acheived peace of mind by consumption of only thee finest o.g kush..and re-obtaining
the lush sounds of tomorrow's memories . check these out !

Download Here
Download Here